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Our specialty works / services, offering a single-door-operation for all development requirements, can be summarized under five main headings:

Building Plan & Estimate

Interior Design & Decoration

Supervision & Building Consultants

Steel (Stainless) Work & Designing

Workers Supplier


We help you to create a Building Plan for your home according to your dreams & budget. Our Expert Engineers are ready to help you when you need a plan with or without a limited budget. While designing a home of any size we give top priority to the spaciousness inside the house. We give full assistance, provide you with almost all considerable factors we need to mention at the time of creating Plans and our experts give you Detailed  Estimates so that you could have a basic idea about the expenses involved in each stage of construction.

We provide the best experience for home renovation and design, connecting homeowners and home professionals with the best tools, resources and vendors.
When designing the rooms of a home, how does one find the right ideas to create a perfect space? The challenge lies in trying to create the right look  by incorporating the perfect colours, materials and design. At Build Katwa, we make it easy by presenting photographs and tips for every room and style, whether it’s a shop, showroom, kitchen or a stylist bedroom. With interior design trends changing every year, it’s vital to be aware of the latest materials, colours and styles for decorating rooms. Irrespective of the size or the layout of the room, we present ideas that can be adapted to almost any home.
Every room should look well put together with the ideal mix of elements. Additionally, the room should be synergistic with the overall design style of the house. Rather than placing all of one’s favourite furniture and accessories in the room, it’s essential to plan the layout of the space so that each object in the room serves the purpose or beauty or functionality. The purpose of the room will also determine the design. Designing small rooms comes with a completely different challenge. All the essential furniture and accessories need to be accommodated within the limited space. Therefore, practicality often takes precedence over beauty. However, by consulting an expert interior designer or architect, it’s possible to make the room look good while it serves its primary function. Space saving design is the key to designing small rooms. Building customized furniture that brings a unique look to the room is a simple solution for making a small room efficient and unique. Besides the fact that the colour should match with the overall look of the house or apartment, choosing the right tone can influence the mood and the feel of the room. In smaller rooms, using a lighter shade for the walls helps to create the effect of amplitude. Similarly, in a big room, a darker colour can make the walls appear closer, bringing cosiness to the area. The purpose for which the room is used will also play a significant role when choosing the right colour. In a bedroom, soothing tones are preferable as the room is meant for relaxation. On the other hand, in a living room or kitchen, a bright shade can bring a cheery ambiance to the area.
At Build Katwa, we make the process simple. Just browse through the beautiful photographs on our website and select your choices. 


Not only in construction, but in every sector, rigorous supervision takes place. We ensure that all the work taking place should not deviate from that drawing-map, from the brand and from basics. With checkpoints established at every stage to track the quality and progress of work, we ensure you settle for nothing but the best.
At Build Katwa, you can be assured of 100% transparent exchange on all matters. We make it a point to keep you constantly updated on the progress throughout the project and maintain a detailed and thorough BOQ’s (bills of quantity), no matter how big or small, to bring clarity and reassurance to all our dealings.
The Build Katwa Team provides quality management services via monitoring and evaluating work executed on site and taking necessary actions to ensure the proper adherence to and implementation of the design documents.
Consulting everything related to the development / construction of building from Master planners, architects, interior designer, landscape architects, Engineers (infrastructure, structural, electrical, mechanical etc.), Facility management consultants,
Specialty consultants (fire safety, security, parking, lighting, acoustic, vertical transportation, kitchen & laundry, façade, LEED etc.), Localization consultants, and other design professionals.


With vast experience in the market, we manufacture Stainless steel item / products for our valuable customers. The railings, grill, gate, stair, doors, windows, we supply are broadly used at commercial / residential buildings, residential colonies, stores, showrooms  and hotels. These products are designed using optimum quality material with exclusive designs. In addition to this, the products are developed according to global quality of standard as per customers specification.

Build Katwa is your one-stop solution to sort all your Apartment, Villa, Office, shop, showroom and other needs ranging from Civil construction to maintenance work, quickly, professionally and conveniently. Our commitment to bring professionalism, good service and trust to the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.
Our services providing in  Masonry, Tiling, Plumber, Electrician, Painter, Carpenter etc.

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients concerns and supplying the friendliest, most approachable and most conscientious service in Katwa Sub Divisional Area.

Our Brand Promise was created to give you confidence that Build Katwa will deliver on service, quality and brand. We deliver your work by verified & qualified professionals only .We value our customers and want to provide you with the best so we follow our Brand Promise to do just that:

Hassle Free Experience —- Hand Over on Time —- Highest Quality Standard