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The Build Katwa Group specializes in home designs, planning and improvements worthy of gracing the covers of interior decoration. We provide our services in the fields of Civil Designing, Building Plan, Estimate, Supervision and Interior and Exterior Design, Every designer tells a story, but at BUILD KATWA we give you an ending that is ever-changing.

You dream your design, and we make your dream. These aren’t just your average construction companies that build a home or erect a building and call it a day then. As such, these luxury brands can’t have your average website either.

Our Purpose

  • To help our clients for a healthier and smarter home
  • To help create an infrastructure that improves the world’s communities.

Our Vision

To make our customer satisfied with fulfilling their expectation.  For mid income group family we will provide a impactful building Plan with minimum cost. family with To be the leading provider of A to Z of Building Infrastructure solutions.

Our Values

Integrity  |  Collaboration  |  Excellence.

Our Team Spirit

We are young and enthusiastic dreamers from the field of civil engineering, who are passionate for take new new challenges with fresh and unbiased perspective, Our senior experienced engineers cum advisors are always guide us to every purpose.

Our Ways of Working


We at Build katwa believe in knowing you, understanding your requirement, and then getting started. The process of creation is built on the foundation of trust and an open conversation about your needs. During this phase, we will meet clients to discuss project goals and need for space. We will collect as much necessary information as possible regarding your space and move forward.


At the heart of our Code is the simple principle that we always follow the law. The trust of our customers and other stakeholders depends on our reputation as a law-abiding business.To make sure we follow the law, we have developed nine ways of working, supported by our Group policies, to provide us with a protective layer of information, guidance and support to ensure that we know how the rules apply to us.


Depending upon the initial discussion, we address the emerging future of work, leisure or living. We design a plan according to the tastes, preferences and requirement that cater differently to each of our clients. Be it retail, commercial space or interiors, our process focuses on innovation that enriches our Clients’ lives and businesses and hopes to add full value to all that it touches. Our creative minds are trained to think about those design solutions that people may overlook.


We finally hand over the site/ design to the client with great confidence, which will be enormously sufficient for the client to boast of its features for the price spent. We provide 30-day maintenance or support and leave only after we are sure everything is working fine.


We pride ourselves on understanding our clients concerns and supplying the friendliest, most approachable and most conscientious service in Katwa Sub Divisional Area.

Our Brand Promise was created to give you confidence that Build Katwa will deliver on service, quality and brand. We deliver your work by verified & qualified professionals only .We value our customers and want to provide you with the best so we follow our Brand Promise to do just that:

Hassle Free Experience —- Hand Over on Time —- Highest Quality Standard


  • Er. Ramendranath Karmakar                  D.E(Civil), B.Tech, AMIE, L.B.S of Katwa Municipality
  • Er. Himadri Biswas                                         D.E(Civil), B.Tech, L.B.S of Katwa Municipality
  • Er. Amit Saha                                                     D.E(Civil), L.B.S of Katwa Municipality
  • Mr. Somnath Karmakar                              B.A, F.A Accountant

Our Senior Advisor

  • Er. Madhai Gopal Chatterjee                         L.C.E S.A.E Govt of W.B (Retd.)
  • Er. Mrinalkanti Biswas                                      D.E.(Civil), B.Tech,  J.E Govt of W.B
  • Er. Niladri Biswas                                                  D.E.(Electrical)
  • Er. Shekhar Ram Bhattacharya                    D.E.(Mechanical)

Associate Engineers

Er. Dibyendu Ghosh   –   B.Tech (Civil),  BK/AE-01/23-24